The Power of Mindful Living: How to be present, purposeful and passionate in creating the life you want

In this four week class you will learn a holistic way of uncovering your
purpose and your greatest gifts. You will learn to navigate your inner life and
create a new experience based on what you discover.

This class will provide a combination of teaching, facilitated experiential work,
dialogue and group inquiry. You will first learn, through meditation and other
practices, how to pay attention to their lives differently, enabling them to
recognize clearly and work effectively with their thoughts and emotions. You
will be able to identify your true desires, as well as any limiting beliefs and
fears that might hold you back from attaining them.

Next, you will learn how to align your everyday behavior with your true
desires, cultivating the daily practices and focus to keep you moving forward
in a powerful way. You will learn how to ask for guidance about the next steps
on your journey, and you will receive support in taking the actions needed to
fulfill your desires with a sense of purpose. Finally, you will experience the
power of completion and fulfillment as you create authentic outcomes in any
area of your life, whether career, relationship or health.

Class will meet once/week for four weeks: Thursdays 3-4:30 pm, March 8, 15, 22, 29. 


Please contact  with any questions 

More about John:

John believes passionately in the importance of living an authentic life, and
has worked with individual clients for more than fifteen years to facilitate and
support their personal growth. He brings an eclectic background to his work,
with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a masters degree in dance
education, and certification as a Six Sensory Teacher and Leader© by Sonia
Choquette. He has extensive training in meditation, bodywork and hospice
care, as well as being a published author on creativity and, for the past nine
years, a blogger about the inner life.The class will meet for four weekly, 90 minute sessions in March. The class fee includes email support between sessions.




I’m on a path forward

“When I joined John’s program, I was at a point in my life where I really needed to decide what I wanted to do when I grow up.  I felt like I had big work to do, but I still hadn’t found it.  So it was perfect timing, because I don’t want to be in the same position five years from now, or ten years from now.  I just thought it was a good thing to do, to really wake myself up.

It was nice to have someone who is on your side, someone you could say whatever to and they are not going to judge you.  It was also good to have someone who could look at my situation from an outside point of view and help me get to where I wanted to go.

My attitude is better than when I started, and how I have more tools to use when I get stuck.  The core principles are always there.  I definitely feel I’m on a path forward.”

C.M., Portland Maine

Deeper and more powerful than I was expecting

“The experience with John has been so rewarding for me.  I was at a crossroads, feeling anxious and confused about my direction in life.  After the course, things are so much clearer.  John opens a really big space for something to happen, deeper and more powerful than I was expecting, and operating on many levels.  Even mundane things like the unease over my to-do list has shifted – it’s gone, in fact.  In feel calmer, and more connected to myself – and my dreams.

The program has been of tremendous value to me.  It had a shape and a form and a power and a potency to it.  The sessions had a focused flow; I felt seem, supported and continue to do so.  I’m very, very satisfied.

Jennifer, Portland Maine

My life really is shifting

“John – I just had such an amazing and wonderful meditation. I found my heart. You have helped me!!! I know where it is now and I feel it. My life really is shifting and I am soooo grateful. Thank you!”

Tanja, New York City

John’s light is contagious

“I first met John through a series of articles he wrote for a newsletter. Not only was I intrigued by the content, but I was also drawn to the playful tone in his writings.   Something about John’s writing resonated with me, and I knew I wanted, and needed, a piece of it.

 In my session with John, his wise, compassionate, and light-hearted message was powerful for me. John’s light is contagious, and his presence gave me permission to stop holding back, to be playful, and to begin to shine again.

 John reminded me of something I had forgotten: I get to create my life! What freedom there is in creation, and I am grateful to John for helping me to remember!”

 R.H. – Maryland

I am blessed to have someone like John in my life

“Before working with John, I did not realize that I truly felt I was unworthy of receiving abundance in my life.  I thought that it was only meant for the lucky few who happened across it, or for those who did nothing but work themselves to death.

I am happy to say that after my sessions with John, I too am not only worthy of abundance but am reaping the benefits of the shift that occurred during our sessions.  I no longer lament over things like finances or additional clients or just pure joy!

I realize that I can have it all, with intentional focus on what abundance is for me right now.  I am blessed to have someone like John in my life to help guide me to a much more happy, free place!”

K.G. – Minnesota